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All boats kept at the side of the lake must be kept securely fastened to the tie line, a post or other fixed object when not in use.  This is to prevent them from drifting loose during a high water event and plugging the spillway.  If you have a boat kept down at the lake, please stop by the office and let them know which boat is yours!

A message from our President

Swim Wrist Bands

At the last Annual Meeting there was some lively discussion about the need to wear wrist bands at the swimming pool.  I want to reinforce my position that until a better method is established, wrist bands are expected to be worn by all members and guests that are swimming or fishing.

Because of the openness of the pool and lake areas, it is hard to control access to assure that only paying members and their legitimate guests are using the facilities.  I have been a member here for over 65 years and yet I don’t recognize everyone by site and new members don’t recognize me.  The wrist bands are an easy and inexpensive way to identify who should be here and who should not.  We regularly find people that drive in, park in the Buck Road parking lot and walk over to the pool.  I have also seen people drive in, park in the Lake Front Drive parking lot and get out their fishing gear.

I am troubled by this because I have paid for the privilege of using these facilities and they are using them for free.  And, they are trespassing.

Yes, I grumble when I walk to the pool and realize that I have forgotten my wrist band and have to walk back to my cottage and get one.  And yes, my family grumbles when I remind them that they need to put on a wrist band before going to the pool.  So, if you are at the pool or lake and someone asks you to identify yourself and to see your wrist band, you can grumble.  But then you are expected to go get one and put it on.  Hopefully, over time, it will become a habit.

Or you can be like many other members and wear one all of the time.

Neal Sangree


Bike Riders

Please remember to look out for kids on bikes!  Parents, please remind your children to please follow the traffic rules and look both ways before crossing a road.  

Swimming Tags

Please pick up your swimming tags at the Clubhouse Office on Wednesday's from 5:00pm to 7:00pm and on Saturday's from 9:00am to 12:00am. All members and their guests will need to wear their bands in order to swim. If you have more than 2 guests, guest tags can be purchased at the Snack Shop located at the pool for $2.00 a tag. Also can be purchased at the Clubhouse Office during office hours if you're planning ahead for your daily swimming.

Speed Limits

Speed Limits are 15mp, please be aware of the posted speed limits, we have lots of children, animals, members, and golf carts who also are on the roadways. Please be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for little ones.

Blocking Roads

With the added traffic of the summer season please be aware of blocking the roads can cause unwanted traffic jams. Please be courteous of others.


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